Hi! I'm Flymeth

Who am I ?

I'm Flymeth: a french web developper who loves writing lines of code to make some cool stuff on the web.

I'm 17, and next year I'll pass my baccalaureate. My dream is to become a fullstack web developper.

For now, I principally know how to work with html, css, nodejs and native javascript.

I love listening to music while working on projects like this one. My favorite music genre is EDM music.

EDM is a BOOM BOOM music that breaks your ears... If you want, I made 2 playlists with a friend that regroups many musics of that genre: BigBounce and BigBounce┬▓ !

As I said earlier, I love coding using html, css and javascript.

I love these languages because they are very modern and really easy to understand.

Like many people, I learnt programation with scratch: a plateform where you can create games stacking blocks on top of each other. And I was really good at that (according to my technology teacher).

If you want, there are 2 good projects that I made when I was 12: Space Wars and CUBEcoint: two game that I made when I was 12.

Then I discovered Discord, and his bots. So I wanted to learn how to make one: this is how I learned NodeJS. But that was a bit stupid: learning NodeJS without any javascript knowledge..

Finally, I love playing videogames. My favorite one is Minecraft: a sandbox game where you can create whatever you want !

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